KIA Sedona 7 seater Monthly car rental

Cars sedona has been famous since 2016, this is a 7-seater MPV sliding door Sedona with attractive versions to meet users and the price of the car is also very competitive for high-end luxury cars.

Rent a vip cars, Monthly car rental, Kia-Sedona Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Currently KIA Sedona is ranked as a luxury car. KIA Sedona is a 7-seater MPV multipurpose vehicle with large sliding doors on both sides.

Rent 7 seater – Kia Sedona

Famous from the recent 2016, Sedona has attractive versions to meet users like 7-seat MPV sliding door. The popular MPV multi-purpose vehicle is the popular Kia Carnival including 2 versions: 7 – 8 seats and 9 seats.

Hire a car by month, Kia 7 seats car for rent or similar

We provide Sedona hire car by month services, car rental in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

New 7-seater K.I.A Sedona has many versions for optimal choice of Kia-Sedona Grand, CARNIVAL, Platium 7 seats … Rent a Vip car by month in Da Nang with Kia sedona.

In Danang, this car is known as a car from Korea, in general, it meets very well the following factors:

  • Durable and luxurious interior
  • The car has an eye-catching design, smooth operation, saving fuel for both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Kia-sedona has a ‘super wide’ luggage compartment which is an advantage for traveling with a family, conferences, or golfing group.
  • MPV auto sliding doors for monthly rental are very convenient. So getting up and down is very easy because there is no need to fold the front seat is very inconvenient to go from under 7 people to this 7-seat car.
  • We offer 2 colors black / white depending on your needs.

Detailed quotation of Sedona self-drive car rental, 7-seat hire car by month:

Content and Unit price of car hire contract Number of vehicles used per month22 days / month26 days / month28 days / month30 days / month
Km norm2,200 km2,600 km2,800 km3,000 km
Unit price of VND contract27,000,00030,000,00034,000,000Contact
Arising over km / km / VND10,00010,00010,00010,000
Exceeded time / day norm / VND150,000150,000150,000150,000
Working on holidays and New Yearx2 days usuallyx2 days usuallyx2 days usuallyx2 days usually
Kia sedona 7 seats by month rental


– Quotation will change if customers have requirements on working time and mileage norm. 

The rental price includes:
– New cars
– Car operating costs such as gasoline, maintenance (each month will negotiate maintenance checks within 1 session)
– Cars insurance in accordance with the law

The rental price does not include:
– VAT 10%
– Parking fee, petrol, tolls, airport fees … upon arrival costs incurred
– Other incurred: overtime, night storage, km arising, working on Sundays, New Year holidays, other special requirements.

Requirements when signing a car rental contract:

– A car rental contract is signed for at least 3 months.
– Payment: 1 month deposit and contract prepayment of 3 months or more. After the end of the car use contract, we will consider signing for the next, in case of complete termination, within 10 days we ask for a cold check (if any), we will refund the deposit to you.
– The above car rental rates apply to customers who rent a car from Da Nang, going to Da Nang city, Da Nang to Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai. If you want to rent a fixed car outside the above area, please contact us for detailed quotes and other requirements. 

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